Waste & Bio bags

For every waste bin a bag that fits...

Category Management

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Preparation & Storage

Indispensable in every kitchen!

From sandwich bags and kitchen foils to garbage bags

For every use imaginable

We supply companies in the retail and food service industries as well as professional end users with a wide range of plastic bags and wraps. Our products include freezer bags, sandwich bags, (aluminium) foil, garbage bags and much more. Our products are designed for storing, carrying, preparing and disposing of food and non-food products.

Maximum returns

As the one bearing final responsibility for these products in your range, optimum quality at a lowe rate is a basic requirement; this results in maximum returns. This goes for products that are part of your own brand and those that are part of our brands.

What can you expect from us as your supplier? It means that we supply buyers or category managers such as yourself with the best advice regarding procurement, logistics, quality, and even marketing and sales. We would love to share our expertise with you!


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