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International knowledge and skills

For over 40 years we have been supplying our customers with a wide range of waste bags, kitchen foils, food bags, carrier bags and disposables.

For every customer we strive for a maximum profitable product range tailored to the needs of consumers. Focus is on the total product mix: price, quality, margin and rotation. Thanks to our broad expertise in the areas of purchasing, logistics, quality, marketing and sales, we are able to take the entire process off our customers’ hands completely.

With a wide network of partners and suppliers, we are flexible to be able to respond quickly to changes in the market. We have recently intensified our cooperation with the German foil factory Fora through joint ownership. Both Fora and Pack-It have market leading positions in retail and food service. This collaboration allows us to serve our customers even better at both national and international level.

“As we believe, quality, knowledge, and proper engagement are the building blocks for success and sustainable partnerships.”

Focused and driven

The challenge that helps keep us on our toes is that of working with our partners to create an optimally performing range. We have done well in the past and are proud to be able to call ourselves one of the biggest suppliers of foils and garbage bags. In order to maintain our excellent position, we are exceedingly driven. We translate our focus on vision and growth into the right product range composition and surprising product concepts.


Category knowledge

By really getting to the heart of consumers’ needs and trends, we are able to ensure a well-adjusted, relevant product range.



Our expertise is based on knowledge of products, customers, and logistics. As such, we are able to ensure excellent chain management and an efficient category composition with maximum returns. Find out how we go about this!


Our brands

We are proud of our brands Dumil, Julia and Smile. With our brands we add value to the category. Whether you are looking for a quality brand or a budget brand, we have it all.


Production knowledge

To be able to respond flexibly to changing market demands, we work with a network of partners and suppliers. This is also the case with Fora, our German partner in the field of foils and more.

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